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For Onion Ring lovers.

Crisp and Tasty little Tacos. Served with mild sauce.

Delicious "Silver Dollar" Pancakes. Served with sour cream.

Jalapeno Peppers stuffed with Cheddar Cheese, Breaded, and Deep Fried. Served with marinara sauce.

Batter Dipped Mozzarella Sticks. Served with marinara sauce.


Extra Cheese .55 each (4 oz.)

Beer Battered

Hot Cheese .55 each (4 oz.)

*Tossed Salad

Variety of Fresh, Crisp Vegetables.

*Lean Tuna

Tuna Salad and Hard-Boiled Egg.

Cool, Crisp Salad topped with Chili and Cheese. Served with taco sauce.

A BIG Salad topped with Ham, Salami, Turkey, Pepperoni, Cheese and Hard-Boiled Egg.

*Chicken Caesar

Cool lettuce topped with all White Meat Chicken Breast and Caesar dressing.

Choice of Dressing
Italian Bleu Cheese
Lite Italian Country French
All Salads served in edible bowl.

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Chicken Wing Pizza

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"Your Best Buy"

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Chicken Tenders

Juicy Chicken Tenders, Fries and Cole Slaw. Served with Honey, Honey-Dijon or BBQ Sauce.

Shrimp Dinner

Delicious Breaded Shrimp, Served with Fries and Cole Slaw.


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Hot Sausage w/peppers & onions
Sweet Sausage w/peppers & onions

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